1. Charles Schwab & Company is compensated by the mutual funds that Strategic Asset Management, Inc. uses for its clients within the Schwab OneSource mutual fund platform.
  2. Charles Schwab & Company does not compensate Strategic Asset Management, Inc. for the client assets placed with Charles Schwab & Company.
  3. Neither Strategic Asset Management, Inc., or its principals, are affiliated with Charles Schwab & Company.
  4. Strategic Asset Management, Inc.’s principal, James S. Flower, holds a series 6 securities license with Triad Advisors, Inc., a broker dealer in Atlanta, Georgia ( Member FINRA/SIPC).  The primary purpose for this license is to be able to offer and manage variable annuities, which contain various forms of income guarantees from insurance companies.  As such, the principal, James S. Flower, is registered as an investment advisor with the SEC and is a registered representative with Triad Advisors, Inc.  This dual registration could be a conflict of interest in representing the clients.
  5. Triad Advisors, Inc. is not affiliated with Strategic Asset Management, Inc.
  6. Strategic Asset Management, Inc. frequently reconciles its clients’ share balances with those of Charles Schwab & Company.  Nevertheless, clients should compare balances on the Charles Schwab & Company statements to the quarterly statements of Strategic Asset Management, Inc. for any possible discrepancies.