Firm Facts

Firm Name: Strategic Asset Management, Inc.
Home Office Address: 3518 Riverside Dr. Suite 106, Columbus, OH  43221
Established: May 1, 1981
Office Telephone: 614-451-0200
Office Fax: 614-451-7407
Firm Principals: James S. Flower, Richard D. Kell
Office Administrator: Kris Carton
Formerly Known As: Hamilton, Flower & Kell, Inc., Hamilton, McKewen & Flower
Account Custodian: Charles Schwab & Company
Primary Investment Services Portfolio design, ongoing investment account management
Primary Investment Vehicles No load mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF's)
Primary Account Types IRA, SEP, Roth, Individual, Joint, UTMA, Trusts, Corporate, Profit Sharing
Primary Management Objectives Long term growth, income
Risk Levels Offered Conservative to aggressive
Reporting Frequency: Quarterly
Invoice Frequency: Quarterly
Available Fee Payment Methods: Deduction from account, direct payment
Accounting & Statement Software: Advent, Inc.
Assets Under Management: Approximately $142 million
Account Size Range: $25,000 to over $7 million
Number of Clients: Approximately 315
Source of New Clients: Referrals
Inside Salesmen: None
Client Commitment Period None
Client Complaints Filed: None
Firm Registered With: Securities & Exchange Commission