Review Investment Mgmt. Relationship

Unlike a brokerage account relationship that is based upon the broker making suggestions, but only acting upon final decisions from you (the client), we manage the account by automatically executing our strategies, which are designed to meet your personal objectives and risk tolerances.  The execution of our strategies is done without discussion between you and our firm.  This is called limited discretionary authorization.  Essentially, you hire us to manage and then we execute.  The advantage of this format is that we can act quickly, when necessary, to adjust to changing market conditions.  Our opinion is that this is imperative to avoid inevitable market problems and to achieve a high level of investment success.  This type of relationship works great for an investor who simply wants his account managed efficiently and effectively, but does not want to be involved in the day to day decisions.  Quite honestly, our type of management is not appropriate for a client who wants to be heavily involved in the day-to-day investment process.