FAQ: What Assets Need To Be Completed On Vice City?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Asset Price Profit
Vercetti Estate Complete Rub Out $5,000
Boatyard $10,000 $2,000
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory $20,000 $3,000
The Pole Position Club $30,000 $4,000


What happens when you 100% Vice City?

When 100% is achieved in the game, the following rewards are given: 200 maximum Health. 200 maximum Body Armor. Replenishing ammunition for all weapons.

What is the fastest way to make money in GTA Vice City?

Steps to earn more cash in GTA: Vice City quickly

  1. Steal a cop car.
  2. Lose the cops.
  3. Begin the Vigilante Missions.
  4. Stash the vehicle in any garage you own.
  5. Use the cheat code “BIGBANG”
  6. This will instantly earn you money for completing the mission.
  7. Get back in the car and begin the next mission.
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How many deals do you have to do in Vice City?

You’ll have to string 50 sales together in one mission in order to succesfully complete this challenge. When you do, however, the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory will begin to make money, to the tune of $3000 a day. You’ll also get $3000 for completing the mission.

Which properties have missions in GTA Vice City?

Property Missions

  • Movie Studio.
  • Boatyard.
  • Kaufman Cab.
  • Malibu.
  • Print Works.
  • Ice Cream Factory.
  • Car Showroom.
  • Phil’s Place.

How do you drive by in GTA Vice City?

Drive-by Shooting is the process of shooting a gun, mostly a sub-machine gun, while driving a vehicle. It can be preformed by looking left or right and shooing the weapon with the fire button. If the player is driving a motorcycle, the player can also shoot forward..

What happens when you find all hidden packages in Vice City?

There are 100 hidden packages stashed throughout Vice City. These packages look like statues of green birds; for every 10 collected, a new reward is unlocked.

What is the cheat of GTA Vice City for money?

Is there a money cheat for GTA Vice City? There is no cheat code for money on GTA Vice City as such, but you can increase your wealth with this workaround: On the first Umberto Robina mission, kill the henchmen and kick him over and over again.

What is the cheat of unlimited money in GTA Vice City?

Frankly, there is no cheat code that gives a player unlimited money directly in this game. Instead, people can use the code “PANZER” to spawn a military tank then do the Vigilante Missions to make money in GTA Vice City.

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What is voodoo car in Vice City?

The Voodoo is classic luxury two-door lowrider in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

How do I unlock the last mission in GTA Vice City?

Complete the “Hit the Courier” mission that appeared at the Print Works building. The mission will have you follow and intercept a person who is holding counterfeit plates. Once you complete this mission the final mission will be unlocked at your mansion.

How do you beat Mr Whoopee in Vice City?

In order to complete the mission the player must: Use your Mr. Whoopee Van to distribute Cherry Poppers product around the city. You receive money for each transition you make, but the more transactions you make the more police attention you get.

How long is Vice City?

4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ( 19 1/2 Hours )

How many properties can you buy in Vice City?

To unlock “Cap the Collector”, the player must complete the missions for seven of the nine purchasable assets.

How do you end Vice City?

Answer: To completely exit the game when this happens press Alt + Tab to get out of the stuck window, then bring up the Ctrl + Alt + Del menu to access Task Manager, select Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and choose to End Task.

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